Psycho-Social Community Health Worker (part-time at 30 hours/week avg.)

South Texas Family Planning & Health Corporation

Rockport, Texas
Beeville, Texas

2 part-time positions available:  1 in Rockport, TX and 1 in Beeville, TX.  This position works with the agency’s behavioral health project & Health Education Services Project and must be able and willing to work all different types of hours as required to meet the community where they are and be flexible enough personally to do presentations early, late, evenings, weekends, over lunch, etc. He/She provides informational presentations regarding psycho-social health related issues that plague the community, particularly those impacted by Hurricane/Disaster. Individual must develop presentations, be able to communicate with and coordinate with persons in different organizations, different positions, open doors to utilize space for presentations, find clients at their homes, talk with clients inside their homes, knock on doors, and easily interact with strangers, etc. A large amount of travel is required. Resumes will not be accepted without a completed application form.  Deadline is March 29, 2019 at 5:00 pm CST. 

Alex Borman